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Why You Should Buy a Used Audi 


Audi has a huge following worldwide, and it's no surprise. The Audi continues to deliver luxury designs, incredible reliability, and a superior driving experience. Everyone knows buying a new car has its own benefits among you being the first driver, no miles or wear and tear, and of course status, but as soon as you drive the new car off the lot, the value depreciates at a staggering rate.


Car prices are rising every year, and used cars are a great option. When you go through a reputable dealer, you can rest assured that the car has been thoroughly inspected and detailed to where it almost feels like you're driving off the lot with a brand-new vehicle. Here are some of the most valuable reasons why you should buy a used Audi.


Safety Features

Many Audi vehicles are equipped with top-of-the-line safety features as a standard. Although you may be purchasing a used car, you can rest assured that you will have access to many standard safety features, including blind spot mirrors, lane departure warnings, night vision, and integrated turn signal mirrors.


Better Price and Less Depreciation 

Vehicle Depreciation is unavoidable when purchasing a new or used car, but when you buy a new Audi, your car depreciates slower than if you were to purchase brand new. The price of a used Audi is desirable and allows you to purchase a used luxury vehicle in a like-new condition. Because you are getting a great price with a slower depreciation, you'll be set with a more stable loan to value ratio.


Lower Insurance

Insurance companies base your rates on several factors, including your age, credit, and driving history, but it also determines your rates based on the vehicle you drive. It looks at make, model, mileage, and the most important is the car's value. A used car has a lower value than a brand-new car which makes for a much lower insurance cost. 


More Selections 

Buying a new car is excellent when you have the option to customize it to fit your needs. Used cars are always available and allow you to search a more comprehensive selection of years, makes, models, and added features that give you the ability to customize similarly. Many dealerships can help you if your desired feature is unavailable by installing it in their service department so you can look for the basics and add on any additional luxuries.


Peace of Mind 

In the past, drivers had seen buying a used car as a risk, but with advanced technology and the availability of car records, it's easier than ever to see the details of the history of the used car, including ownership, mileage, title history, past accidents, and more. Additionally, great dealerships have certified pre-owned options that meet Audi's standards and carry a guarantee against defects very similar to purchasing a new car.


Get behind the wheel of the ultimate in luxury with a used Audi. You can get more car for your money with premium materials, superior interiors, and superb drive and handling. Call Audi Carlsbad today to schedule your test drive.