What does the Audi e-tron bring to the electric-vehicle space?

When luxury electric-vehicles are mentioned, the Audi e-tron will be at the top of the list. The automobile has big aspirations in this space. The e-tron Audi has a base power train of a single 201 electric motor and a battery pack of 77.0kWh, as well as a strong 295-hp dual motor. Its battery pack is expected to give a ride of up to 250 miles, with this model expected to perform better than its equal, the likes of Tesla Model Y and other compact electric SUVs.

In terms of interior and comfort, the Audi e-tron cabin resembles the other Audis but comes with several unique features, such as, the squared-off steering that comes with touch-sensitive capabilities and a toggle-switch gear shift. The comfort levels for this model also remain the same as other Audis, and the interior space for cargo and passengers has not changed.

Entertainment and connectivity

The e-tron comes with the latest Audi MMI entertainment system. A 10.1-inch screen with touch capability faces the driver, allowing easy access to the features and menus. For those who are looking forward to new technologies, the head-up display has an augmented reality capability that enables the projection of information such as instructions and warnings. If that is not all, Wi-Fi hotspot and smartphone compatible wireless charging is also on offer.

In terms of safety, the model is stocked with several driver assistance technology capabilities including automatic emergency stop, adaptive cruise control, and lane assist. When it comes to warranty and maintenance levels, the Audi e-tron has similar limitations as the other large e-tron SUVs.

The Audi e-tron perfectly fits the description of a future car; its features, performance, and comfort capabilities are some of its qualities as a great luxury compact electric vehicle.

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